Usually these storm barriers are made of mesh sheets or reinforced polyvinyl carbonate (PVC). You can attach hurricane fabric directly to the structure of your home with grommets, straps, and buckles. Or you can mount it on tracks.


+ 100 % U.V. resistant so your hurricane protection will never degrade from exposure to the sun
+ Greater elongation for increased impact protection from flying debris
+ Translucent even with full hurricane protection in place to allow light into your home or business
+ The sewn seam of hurricane fabric has been completely eliminated to make installation easy and inexpensive for everyone
+ High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved for use in the areas with the greatest danger from extreme storms
+ Can be rapidly deployed before a storm so you can wait until you are sure the storm is coming your way
+ Weighs less than 1/10 of an equivalent aluminium panel so you can store and deploy easily and quickly with fewer resources

Pros and Cons

This is a more affordable option, and easy to install because the material is so lightweight. There are also several colors to choose from so screens don’t detract too much from the aesthetic of your home.

There are a number of premade sizes you can choose from, but you typically cannot cut hurricane fabric to custom sizes by yourself. You will need to give custom measurements so the screen company can size them for you. But as you might imagine, when it comes to home protection and truly fortifying against wind and debris, the other, sturdier options will offer you more protection.


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