Also called rolling shutters, these are made of polycarbonate or high-quality metal. These impact resistant hurricane shutters attach above your windows. They roll up, hence the name, and store away in an enclosed box permanently attached to your home. And you can choose to have a manual operation with a crank. Or there is a mechanical operation so you can deploy the shutters with just the push of a button.


+ Custom Designed and Engineered to Each Opening
+ Sleek European-Styling
+ Significant Energy Savings
+ Innovative Technologies
+ Precise Metal Workmanship
+ Offered in 40MM and 60MM Blade Heights
+ Spans of up to 17' with End-Retention 60mm
+ Protects Furniture and Artwork from Sun Exposure
+ Increases Privacy and Noise Reduction

Pros and Cons

Professionals all agree these are the easiest hurricane shutters to operate. You can also use them to protect more than just windows. These also work for doors, patios, balconies, porches, and second story openings. And because they are so easy to operate homeowners also use them for insulation, privacy, and theft protection. They are also known as some of the strongest, most durable, and most effective hurricane shutters available on the market.

These hurricane shutters are not the most affordable option, and automatic roll-down shutters are more expensive than manual. The average price is about $20 to $30 per square foot. And if you choose the automatic version you will also need a backup battery system in case the power goes out. Otherwise you will not be able to use your shutters in the event of a storm.


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